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Imagine to yourself that you can provide all the electric power that you need for your household use and, most importantly, you do not have to be dependent on any energy company, whatever your location is. Actually, you design it yourself in a very easy way using  solar panel system that give you absolutely 100% green energy. with solar panel system you get power from the main source of life; that’s right, I’m talking about the sun.

Okay, so now I would like to talk about the power companies. They are probably very concerned about the information that I am giving you right now because the bottom line is that they are going to make much less money; I’m talking about your money, of course! But the big problem is that the solar panels are absolutly 100% legal and you get a pure green energy that is extremely friendly to your environment, drastically helping to reduce pollution and, most importantly, green energy that came from the sunlight can save you a lot of money and is the safest thing that you can do for your family.

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When I started to get interested in green energy, at first, I did not even think about my environment (pollution and things like that). In the very begining, I was thinking about how I’m going to reduce my utility bills (especially the electric bill, as you probably know!) You can feel it every month in your pocket as the most expensive bill of your household.
So, at the time that I went online looking for a solution to my electricity issue, I found that, actually, there are a bunch of companies out there that offer you a lot of green energy products for your house. For example, they offer solar panels, wind turbines, special lamps that collect energy from the sun during the day, heaters, and water heaters as well. All of those products are very good; nice and friendly for the environment but, again, we come back to the same problem: THIS IS VERY EXPENSIVE AND WE CANNOT AFFORD IT! I mean, if you want to get solar panels that provide you with enough electric power, it means that you must cover the whole area of your house roof and the meaning of this in numbers is that it is going to cost you a lot of money: roughly about $20,000 easily and we are not going there, for sure!


Solar energy is the radiant energy (light or heat) that comes from the sun. Only a small amount of the sun’s energy strikes the Earth, one part per 2 million. But even that one part is an enormous amount of energy.

Solar energy is the most abundant energy source available. In fact, according to National Geographic, every hour, the sun beams enough energy to meet the entire world’s energy needs for a year! The tricky part is harnessing the energy effectively to meet those needs. Solar power depends on the sun being out—and when it’s not, solar panels generate no power. However, storage systems can collect the sun’s energy to be used during cloudy weather or at night.

Solar power systems, once they’re up and operational, last for 15-30 years. And while in 2008 solar only provided .02% of the world’s energy, that number is growing every year.

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How Solar Energy is Formed and Used

Sunlight can be directly used to create electricity using solar, or photovoltaic (PV) cells. The solar cells are made using silicon, the same thing that makes up sand. Even though silicon is found almost everywhere, making a solar panel is a difficult and expensive process. According to a report in the New York Times, “generating power from photovoltaic panels costs more than four times as much as coal, and more than twice what wind power costs.” Polysilicon, a material made up of small silicon crystals that is used to make photovoltaic cells, is sometimes in short supply, which means prices for solar equipment can be volatile.

The silicon is heated and melted at super high temperatures and then molded into thin wafers. When sunlight strikes the solar cell, electrons are loosened and move toward a treated front surface, making an imbalance between the front and back. Electricity occurs when a connector, such as a wire, joins the negative and positive sides together.

The production of photovoltaic cells, which are used to change sunlight directly into electricity, causes far less pollution than fossil fuel-burning power plants. While manufacturing the cells does require harmful metals such as lead and mercury and also produces some greenhouse gases, the toxic emissions are up to 300 times lower than those created by coal power plants, according to scientists with the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York.

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